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Quantum Computing Researcher
Incoming Ph.D. Student at UChicago


I am a PhD student at the University of Chicago advised by Prof. Fred Chong. Before this, I was a quantum computing researcher at IBM in Cambridge, MA  and I received a B.S. from MIT in June 2022, where I double-majored in Math with Computer Science and Physics and minored in Statistics and Data Science.

My research interest lies in the intersection of quantum computing, theoretical computer science, and physics. I will be joining Prof. Fred Chong's lab at the University of Chicago as a PhD student in 2023 to understand better how to build efficient fault-tolerant quantum systems.

Throughout my undergrad as a Questbridge scholar, I've been dedicated to my community through outreach and public service. I co-directed the summer educational outreach program dynaMIT and volunteered as a tutor for incarcerated people through the Petey Greene Program. This past summer, I was a researcher at MIT's Scheller Teacher Education Program, where I developed equitable and fun project base learning curriculums for high school geometry. I am also a certified emergency medical technician with MIT EMS.

I immigrated from China in 2014 for education, and I became a permanent resident in 2018. In my free time, I enjoy card/board games and rock climbing, and I also have fun expressing my creativity through photography and writing. I will be traveling starting in January 2023, which I will occasionally write about in a very low-key blog.

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